Heat Conduction

Below is a very neat video showing a heat conduction science experiment using water. Heat conduction Science Experiments are fun and easy to do. However, please be supervised by adults when performing any experiments of heat conduction at home or at school. The science experiment below is a middle school conduction experiment for kids.

What you need for heat conduction Science Experiments?

You need a flame of some sort such as from a candle, a Styrofoam cup, and water.

Usually a Styrofoam cup will burn in flame when in contact with heat in no time. However, in this heat conduction science experiment, can you believe that you can actually put the Styrofoam cup right on the flame and it will not burn? This heat conduction science experiment video will show you how it is done using the principal of heat conduction.

conduction experiment

You can put the Styrofoam cup right on the flame and it will not burn because of heat conduction.

Heat conduction science experiments

You can even see the flame through the bottom of the Styrofoam cup and the bottom is still not burned. Try without heat conduction medium and see the difference.

Heat conduction science experiment video

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