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science experiments natural resources
Question: Why does science create more problems than it solves?

Don’t this world seem so messed up now!

Freaky DNA experiments
GM foods to combat famine when already the world grows enough food it just is not managed right.
Better weapons to kill people with,
Pollution and natural resources being sucked up

Where is this utopia that science has for the past 100 years been promising?

Answer: My current favorite science ‘solution’?
Bio fuels.
In the US, they are telling the population, that converting corn into ethanol, will solve the energy crises.
Unfortunately they carefully leave out the fact that the ethanol produced, consumed the same amount of energy it will yield, to produce it.
Science offered us partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, as a healthy alternative to animal based fats and oils.
Yet now, 30 years later, they admit the real reason for the switch to vegetable oils…shelf life. Fact is, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, is now proved to have caused more health problems that animal fat.

Consider the invention of the modern combustion engine. It gave way to farm equipment that enabled farmers to plow vast tracts of land in the midwest, which of course was precipitated by the lack of knowledge of the average rainfall in the US. When the rains did not come for a few years, they created through ignorance, the ‘Great Dust Bowl’.
Chock up another win for science.
Then, science discovered the natural effects of penicillin upon till then deadly viruses.
But once again, science abused this fact, and through over use, and even use as a growth additive to animal feed, have created penicillin resistant viruses.
Science also gave us modern plastics.
Almost impossible to purchase food these days that is not sold in these carious containers. Problem? They did not know about the leaching of the by products of these plastics, now recognized as zenoestrogens, that have been playing an as yet unknown disruption in the biology of humans and animals. These zeno estrogens, lock onto natural estrogen receptors in humans and animals, and block the function of natural estrogens. God only knows the final outcomes, and the future horrendous diseases and suffering this will cause.

Yes,at the turn of the 19th century, scientists and industrialists, were predicting an end to all the ailments of mankind, but as the 2oth century unfolded, it turned out that the advances of science and industrialization have led to the most horrific wars, and the most massive strain upon the environment that eclipsed the entirety of the human history experience.

As the first answerer shows, most people are still blind from the rhetoric of the science community, and the over exaggerated claims of how much life has improved.
I’ll bet the endless variations of the stories like that of Hinckley Ca. or the Love Canal in New York, or the PCB contamination in Japan, or the toxic gas release in Bhopol India..apparently are lost in the mix of new age thought, in that apparently, these people who all suffered, and the millions more, that continue to suffer (Chernobyl?)
aparently had worthless lives to begin with?

You can look up story after story, about how man made compounds via scientists, have caused untold suffering across the earth…
mercury poisoning in Japan, dioxin poisoning in a US city, where the entire population of the town was removed, and the city fenced off and locked up.

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