Science Experiment Light Bulb Battery

science experiment light bulb battery
Question: What is a good Energy Experiment? (NOT BATTERY AND LIGHT BULB PLEASE!!!)?

I need a good energy project for my science.

PLEASE no Battery and Ligh bulb project!!

Answer: Just off the top of my head, an experiment showing the conversion of energy from one form to another would seem interesting.

One historical (real-life) experiment was demonstrating the conversion of mechanical energy into heat (I think the scientist’s name was Joule) and he was able to calculate the conversion factor between mechanical energy and heat I think by using an agitator powered by falling weights (to determine how much energy stored) to stir water in an insulated vessel, the measuring the temperature rise.

Another, probably easier, experiment is to use a battery (not with a light bulb!) but with an electric motor, but then to connect that motor to drive another motor’s shaft, in order to generate an electric current from the second motor (and then maybe light up a light bulb!). That demonstrates the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and then back into electrical energy (and then into light and heat energy).

Hope this helps.

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