Science Experiment Egg Drop

science experiment egg drop
Question: Egg drop parachute ?!?

I have a science experiment to due. i have to make a container that will keep a raw egg from breaking after a 6 meter fall.

I’ve made a container for the egg. the outside is foam and the inside it stuffed with cotton balls for padding, so i don’t think it is too heavy.

The problem is. i don’t know how to make the parachute for my container. the container is a cylinder shape- 10 cm in heights and the about 7cm across. I’m planning to use a bandana and yarn to make the parachute. I just want to know:

How big should the bandana be so so it will carry the container slowly to the ground?

How many strings do i attach? how long should strings be ?

AND, what SHAPE. should the prachute be ?! Circle, rectangle, square ?!

Answer: I doubt you will need a parachute. With foam and cotton balls, you should be fine. And most bandannas allow air to go through freely, so it won’t be a good parachute material.

The Egg Drop Science Experiment

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