Lab Experiment Advantages

lab experiment advantages
Question: what are the advantages and disadvantages to conducting an experiment in the field? In the Lab?

Answer: Field
Advantages: More realistic. There are factors that may not be taken into account when designing a lab experiment. Doing the experiment in the field allows these factors to be included.

Disadvantages: Less control. It is often difficult to create a control group if you are in the field. There are also factors involved which might not be accounted for. In other words, the result of the experiment may not be a result of the factor being tested, but rather a result of some unknown factor.

The advantages and disadvantages of lab work are just the reverse of doing field work.

Also, depending on the field of science, the particular topic being investigated, and the location of the field investigation, safety may be a large factor. Anything from political unrest in the area to volcanic instability can cause great difficulties when doing field work.

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