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Science experiments are key to understanding how things are. This Science Experiments website is dedicated to discussing simple science experiments.

Many science experiments discussed here can be used as science fair experiments. Among science experiments discussed on this website are easy science experiments for kids, some are middle school science experiments, and we aim to add more high school science experiments.

Some science experiments are very cool science experiments and are sometimes used as magic tricks. You can also use science experiments here for science experiment ideas such as ideas for science fair experiment. Examples of simple science experiments presented on this Science Experiments website are seed germination science experiments, fossilization science experiments, and egg drop experiments.

We also discuss scientific methods and science experiment techniques. Among topics discussed are calibration, causality, and methods of measuring length and pressure.

There are so many simple science experiments one can do at home. This Science Experiments website discuss some of these more common science experiments. Many other science experiments have not been included because of space and time. We will be adding more science experiments projects in the near future. So, check back on our website to read more about new science experiments. You can also use the link below to bookmark this page. If you have questions, please use our contact form.

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Chemistry Experiments For Middle School

chemistry experiments for middle school
Question: Please Help. Science Experiments?

Hi i need a science experiment to do for Middle School project? I was thinking about water chemistry. Thanks for the answers.

Answer: Do an experiment about egg incubation and hatch some baby birds!

Four Chemical experiments

Science Experiment With Mentos

science experiment with mentos
Question: Why does the carbonation in coke affect the height of the fizz when added with mentos?

I am doing a science experiment and need this explained for a paper.

Answer: All details are on their home page

Mentos And Coke Experiment

Science Experiment On Space

science experiment on space
Question: Is space food supplemented with food grown hydroponically on the I.S.S.?

Or are the only plants grown up there just part of life sciences experiments?
By space food i mean astronaut rations.

Answer: The ISS does have a greenhouse garden called Lada. They grow peas and mizuna (and are studying how plants grow in microgravity – essential for trips to Mars and such), though the crops produced are only in small amounts. Their main diet is still pantry-style and reconstituted (tho (needless to say) much better than that astro-pack junk we buy at the gift shops). They are going to try some grains and barley next.

As a side note … they also found that the gardening has a psychological effect and when Columbia broke up – the crew on the ISS was assigned extra garden time to help calm them.

Waves in a Large Free Sphere of Water

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